Various laboratories have been established to help the students in their academic pursuits. The different laboratories in the institution include a Language laboratory, Psychology laboratory, Technology and modern media Laboratory, Science Laboratory and Computer Laboratory  


We have all necessary equipments and chemicals for conducting experiments to cover subject matter included in Physical and Natural Science syllabus of secondary school. We have enough charts, models, specimens (more than 60 specimens), human skeleton, and Telescope etc., in the laboratory.
Every day students get opportunity for doing experiments related to physics, chemistry and biology.  Our laboratory is equipped with modern apparatus &equipments.






We have well equipped computer lab with Internet facility. The Internet facility is made available to the students and the staff.  We have 13 systems with CD writers, Scanner and Printer.






Classes on computer fundamentals, usage of internet etc. is given to the students. The students can utilize the computers, internet and other related facilities Well equiped Class room  Computer Lab . Students get opportunity to get acquainted with internet, Microsoft office utilities and video editing and video presentations.



We have well equipped language lab.   At a time 10 students can use this lab.

Our language lab is supported with most modern software’s and equipments students are given individualized teaching and guidance.  In our lab students can express their language capacities without any hesitation, because our facility provides more private interaction with teachers and students.  Our lab is functioning with an aim that to improve the vocabulary, pronunciation and also preventing the inhibition wile speaking




We have well equipped Educational Technology Lab with 226 CD’s in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology, Geography, History, Malayalam, Communicative English, General Subjects, Physical Education, Examination based programmes and Software’s and 10 Audio Cassettes.

  1. Computers with   CD/DVD Writer
  2. LCD Projector,
  3. OHP and Screen
  4. Slide Projector,
  5. Television,
  6. VCR,
  7. DVD
  8. Radio with Tape Recorder,
  9. Handy Cam,
  10. Camera
  11. OHP and Screen
  12. Slide Projector
  13. Generator
  14. Transparencies,
  15. Encyclopedia Britannica Deluxe Edition 2004
  16. Encarta 2006
    1. Encyclopedia Britannica  2007
    2. Simon & Schuster New Millennium Encyclopedia
    3. Discovery Channel CD ROMs,
    4. Computer Assisted Tutorial CD’s for different topics
    5. Spoken English CD’s
    6. IELTS CD’s and 
    7. CD Library (150 CD ROMS in different school subjects - developed by State Institute of Educational Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala State).
    8. CD’s for different subjects
    9. Scanner
    10. Copier
    11. Printers
    12. Public addressing system
    13. CD’s on traditional dance forms
    14. CD’s on traditional music
    15. Power point presentation on various subjects
    16. Video lessons





We   have well   equipped   Psychology  Lab with  19 multiple set  (Electrical  and  Non-Electrical)  Apparatus,  22  Test  Items  9 (Verbal and Non-Verbal)  for  conducting  psychological  experiments.
Our laboratory can provide training for conducting psychological experiments and with that they can familiarize about the techniques of assessing individual differences.




Social Science lab has 10 apparatus, Maps of different nations, Charts, OHP transparencies,  models  etc. for performing experiments and teaching.



Facilities for Xerox Copying

Facilities of Xerox copying machine is provided in the library for the student. The facilities can be availed at nominal rates